Skylanders Game Swappable Character 87167



Before the destruction of the Core of Light left her stranded in the Dark Realm

Knight Mare was one of the Dark Centaurs who guarded The Oracle of Stones - an enchanted game of Dark Skystones that could predict the future. When it was stolen by an unknown force, Knight Mare was called upon to retrieve it. She knew it would be dangerous because if the Oracle was asked the wrong questions seven times, it would unleash a terrible curse upon all of Skylands. Fortunately, she found it in a cave - with a gang of Bicyclopes about to ask their seventh wrong question. With no time to lose, she charged forward, beating the fierce Bicyclopes and saving Skylands from the terrible curse. Now having joined the Trap Team, Knight Mare uses her hunting skills and Traptanium Lance to bring down evil everywhere!
Other Information
Compatibility: Skylanders Trap Team
Manufacturer Part Number: 87167
Manufacturer Website Address:
Manufacturer: Activision Publishing, Inc
Product Name: Game Swappable Character
Brand Name: Skylanders

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